Acupuncture is an effective treatment for many different symptoms and health conditions. It’s a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses tiny needles to stimulate blood flow and energy throughout the body. Due to its ability to balance out hormones, alleviate pain and assist with a number of health concerns, acupuncture in Melbourne is sought out every day by people from all backgrounds and with varying health issues, from athletes through to the elderly.

Recent studies have found that acupuncture can be hugely beneficial in soothing the symptoms of chronic pain. Since these studies have emerged, clinics offering acupuncture in Melbourne CBD and beyond have skyrocketed with clients, with the concept of acupuncture now more commonly recognised and valued. Acupuncture is a highly useful and effective tool for everything from back and neck pain through to osteoarthritis, chronic headaches and shoulder pain. But how does a natural medicine like acupuncture assist with these kinds of conditions? Continue reading to find out.

Acupuncture and Healing

The belief behind acupuncture as a healing treatment is based on the concept that using tiny needles on acupoints encourages the body to produce more of its healing agents and natural painkillers. Traditional acupuncturists believe that pain stems from an interruption or imbalance to the body’s energy flow. In recent times, acupuncture Melbourne CBD clinics have used the treatment as a means of effectively treating muscle aches, stiff joints and even problems like digestive issues, anxiety and sleeping conditions.

Due to recent scientific research and evidence that suggests acupuncture can be beneficial for chronic pain, more and more people are seeking the treatment to regulate their hormones, alleviate their pain and improve their mood. As a result, more clinics have emerged, meaning acupuncture in Melbourne has never been more accessible.

Acupuncture and Chronic Pain

Before you visit an acupuncture Melbourne clinic, it can be useful to properly understand how exactly acupuncture works to benefit chronic pain. An acupuncturist works with their patient to both relieve pain and understand the underlying cause of it. As well as making you feel better and function as normally as possible, your acupuncture professional can identify ways to improve your health overall. Acupuncture is useful for chronic pain because it has the ability to encourage your body to heal and recover quicker. In addition to regulating the body’s energy, acupuncture can also release “good mood” hormones.

The acupoints targeted by your acupuncturist can have a significant impact on the problem areas associated with your pain. Theories associated with acupuncture and its benefits for chronic pain, back pain and arthritis suggest that it speeds up the relay of electromagnetic signals – the body’s natural painkilling endorphins. It’s also been suggested that acupuncture is effective in encouraging natural opioids to release, which helps to alleviate pain and promote good sleep. In addition, the treatment’s ability to release muscle tension and stiffness can leave patients feeling comfortable and functioning normally again. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, visiting an acupuncture Melbourne CBD clinic might be your next best step.

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