How to Buy Injectable Steroids & Choose the Best Injection Sites

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There are many people including body builders and athletes who take steroids. Steroids are available in all forms like pills, injections, spray and liquid. Though many opt for oral steroids

There are many people including body builders and athletes who take steroids. Steroids are available in all forms like pills, injections, spray and liquid. Though many opt for oral steroids, there are many who take injections as they give quick results in muscle gain. Most people use anabolic steroids that are injected into the muscle. But one needs to be very careful while administering injections as these can be taken by yourself. Check the average cost of anabolic steroids.

Taking steroid injections:

Before you start with any injection, you have to know which one suits your requirement and the cycle and dosage to use. You need to be very careful with the amount of liquid that you take because there is always a chance to overdose. Injection is injected into the muscle and then you need to slowly massage the place so that it gets distributed all over the muscle fiber and to avoid swelling. You should also keep changing the location of injection. Always use new needle to avoid any allergies and contamination.

Injections are usually injected into biceps, triceps, shoulder, quadriceps (thigh muscles), pectoral, abdomen area, deltoids, and gastrocnemius muscle.

Some bodybuilders also use injections in specific areas where they want more growth or development.

What are steroids and how do injections work?

There are 2 types of steroid injections, namely corticosteroids and anabolic steroids that are performance/growth enhancing injections.The ones used by body builders are anabolic steroids which are synthetic forms of testosterone.

Anabolic injectable steroids have more anabolic properties that help in building muscle mass, muscle growth, strength etc. They work by stimulating the receptors in muscles and enhance the protein synthesis process which helps to build muscle, as protein is the key for muscle building. And when this is combined with heavy weight lifting and strength exercises, the anabolic properties of the steroid increase further more. Learn about the average cost of anabolic steroids.

Steroids are controlled and hence you need a prescription to buy it.

Types of injections:

There are 3 ways to inject injections, namely intramuscular(into muscle), intravenous(into veins), and subcutaneous injections.Anabolic steroids should be taken through intramuscular way. What this means is, injection should be injected in muscle and never take them in veins as that may lead to heart attack.

You should inject the steroid deep into the muscle and the muscle then releases the drug slowly into your bloodstream. Muscles take between 3-5 ml of steroid injection. There should always be a gap of 7-14 days before returning to the same site of injection.

Care required:

Places to take the injection: One of the best places to take injection is near your waist at upper quadrant of your buttocks. Do not take on your buttocks as you may puncture the sciatic nerve which may cause more pain. Basically you need to choose the muscle where there are less nerve endings for less pain.
Check the expiry date of the injection before using.
Ensure that the syringe does not have any bubbles.
Care is needed not to touch the needle after you remove the cover and also be careful not prick anybody or reuse the needle. Throw it away carefully.
Always prepare the medicine after washing your hands.
Oil based injection needs a large gauge needle and water based injections can be injected with small gauge needles.