Reasons Why You Need a Maternity Abdominal Band

Maternity Abdominal Band

One of the most exciting and frustrating aspects of being pregnant is the wardrobe change. Well, a whole new set of clothes will be required as you gain that round belly. Usually, women prefer not to overspend on maternity clothes only because it generally lasts for nine months. However, they will still come in handy next time. But spending a waterfall of money on clothes that will remain unused after the baby’s birth sounds financially unwise.

What Is It?

A belly band is a piece of outfit that appears like a boob tube or tube top. It is a seamless, wide and circular fabric that is specifically designed to fit the mid-section of a pregnant woman, especially during the second and third trimesters.  These bands are usually made out of cotton and some other stretchable fabric, stretchable because the fabric must adjust the mother’s mid-section and stretch as the baby bump grows. Some bands come with a Velcro band, the size of the band can be adjusted according to the level of comfort and convenience. The more expensive the band is, the more comfortable and stretchy it will be, however, there are many inexpensive bands that comply well with comfort.

Decreases Pain

Back and joint pains during pregnancy can be really frustrating as the simplest of tasks will be difficult to complete. After an investigation done on the back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, it has been concluded that 71% of women suffer from lower back pains and 65% endure pelvic girdle pains. Wearing the band may aid in supporting your baby bump and lower back during the day to day activities, which can result in decreased pain. 

Provides Gentle Compression

Ever gone for a run without a sports bra? Awful and difficult, isn’t it? Same principles apply to the baby bump when it is supported it leads to lesser pains and reduced discomfort. Make sure the belt isn’t too tight. Too much compression on the abdomen can impair the circulation, it can also lead to negative effects in blood pressure, and it can also cause heartburn and indigestion.

Provides External Cues For Posture

These bands facilitate proper posture. When you have the baby bump and the abdomen supported it reduces the amount of stress onto the lower back and leads to a better posture. The typical swayback appearance is commonly due to the extra weight carried in the front that leads to the stretching and weakening of the spine muscles.

Allows You To Engage Comfortably In Day To Day Activities

Studies show that prenatal exercises have many positive health benefits. Exercise increases muscle tone and level of tolerance and decreased hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Many women are unable to carry out day to day physical activities. But wearing this stretchable piece of fabric really allows you to do so,

Can Be Worn After Pregnancy For Support

Core strength is known to decrease after childbirth. Muscles and tendons stretched and strained during pregnancy definitely take time to heal. Weakness joint with the challenging job of taking care of a baby can wear you out completely. Many women have experienced additional support and reduced discomfort when they wear the abdominal band after giving birth.

Remember this is just a temporary and quick fix to some of the pregnancy issues. However, too much compression can lead to major abdominal issues.